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WELCOME to the official blog of Nebraska Mental Health Centers. I’m very excited to bring you news and other goings-on here at NMHC, and look forward to the insights our clinicians will contribute here about mental health and whatever else might be on their minds.

I am not a mental health professional, but one thing that struck me upon taking this job is how much stigma there is surrounding those who seek mental health treatment. In some cases it could lead to one denying help when he or she really needs it. Too often, society regards those who seek mental health services as “crazy,” “unstable,” or “weak” when the person may merely have a problem that affects his or her quality of life. Many organizations and individuals have come forth to combat this stigma—it’s made headlines both here in the U.S. and other countries. We as a society should not condemn or label anyone who seeks help when it’s needed.

Keep in mind, erasing the stigma won’t be the only mission of this blog. What I hope this blog does is engage, entertain, and educate. Whether you live right here in Nebraska or thousands of miles away, I hope you find what’s written here worth reading.

We look forward to talking more. In the meantime, you can check us out at our official website at www.nmhc-clinics.com or find us on Facebook or Twitter. We can also be reached the good ol’ fashioned way on the phone at 402-483-6990.


Thomas McPherson

Technical Coordinator

Nebraska Mental Health Centers


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