Sleep Awareness Week 2018

By Alex Zurek, Staff Therapist

March 2nd through the 9th is Sleep Awareness Week 2018. Initiated by the National Sleep Foundation, the theme of this year’s Sleep Awareness Week is “Begin with Sleep,” reminding us all of the importance of a restful night sleep. For more information about Sleep Awareness Week 2018:

While a proper sleep regimen is certainly a great place to begin your journey toward physical and mental health, we at Nebraska Mental Health Centers also believe that this is a good time to state the importance of self-care in general. One resource that may be helpful in beginning to think about the role of self-care in your life is Blurt. Blurt is an organization aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of depression, though their focus on self-care can benefit anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or encountering challenges in life. For more information about Blurt and how you can implement self-care in your life:

Of course, if you need more than a strong self-care regimen to overcome your challenges, please contact Nebraska Mental Health Centers for an evaluation. And if you are concerned that you may harm yourself, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.


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